Thursday, February 18, 2016

Qigong for Health

It’s the Year of the Fire Monkey!  With no “monkey business," here’s a reminder that one of the most efficient and balancing forms of exercise is qigong.  It coordinates breath, mind, movement and stretches.   It leaves me feeling great and actually builds Qi (energy).
There are thousands of qigong forms with tai chi being an example.  I often recommend and use Lee Holden’s videos.  They are tailored for common issues and offer gentle, efficient means for alleviation of stress and/or pain. Examples include:

  • Qigong for Upper Back and Neck Pain
  • Qigong for Stress
  • Qigong for Low Back Pain
  • Qigong for Healthy Joints and Bones
  • Qigong for Deep Sleep and
  • Qigong for Weight Loss
You can get these DVDs at Holden’s website: or my office.

Be a Fire Monkey:  clever, energizing, effective and dynamic. 

Gun Hei Fat Choi!  Happy New Year to you!

Janet Lee Cook
 Licensed Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Prescriptions

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